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“In The Audience
Watching The Show
With A Paper In His Hand (In His Hand, In His Hand)
Some Important
Has A Message For The Band
Take It Away Let me hear you play

till the lights go down”


Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press. Don’t ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.”

– L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 25 February 1966

City of Clearwater Commission Hearings (1982): “Final Report to the Clearwater City Commission”

Evidentiary Fact: The Church of Scientology has created a policy which orders the commission of homicide.

1. R2-45 means that you shoot the person in the head. (1-78)
2. R2-45 is shooting a person in the head. (1-96)
3. R2-45 is a Scientology policy created by Hubbard. (2-32, 33)




I would like to acknowledge the work of Andreas Held-Lund in Norway for his work detailing the atrocities of Scientology with his website Xenu.net.  Andreas provided the key data involved with the handwriting analysis in this case and I owe a great debt of thanks to his tireless efforts to expose the insidious and terrible nature of Scientology and it’s prolific harms in our society.


It is my sincere hope that this report will clear up forty five years of misconceptions regarding the Kennedy case.  It is my belief that the handwriting study itself is the first and only piece of credible evidence in the entire history of the investigation and that even a cursory review of its details will convince even the most naïve of laymen as to the truth about the tragedies I recollect in this volume.


My journey through Hollywood began in 1997 when I moved into a small Franklin Avenue apartment.  I opened Evolve Talent Agency in 1999.  My neighbor, a disc jockey for a local station visited me one afternoon and we had a long discussion about the Church of Scientology.   My feelings, at the time, were that it was a good thing, that any upstanding Church would only bring fairness and equity to a treacherous business like film and television.  He warned me that was not so; he said that he had been approached by Scientologists who had intimated that the people who joined were successful in the business and those who didn’t were doomed to failure.

I pawned this off as ridiculous.  Then I bought a bag of weed and was told they had a photograph of the great event as if it was the biggest deal made in the 20th century. Because of it, they explained, I could not work in film and television.  While this was happening, marijuana was being legalized and appeared on every street corner in Los Angeles. For a discussion on moral relativism, see the collective society. After the bankruptcy of my business, I thought to myself, gee, a single picture and they could ruin your entire life…. that was the beginning I suppose, when I realized they were capable of anything.  I had read “Appointment in Dallas”  by Hugh McDonald when I was ten years old.  Perhaps I had been thinking about those words ever since.  I did not believe his account of the assassin, I thought it was far fetched. What I did believe were the statements that there was some confusion as to the authenticity of Oswald’s handwriting.  In fact, I believed that part so much I even went to the library and checked out books on how to compare handwriting.

The knowledge stuck with me I guess.  I had also read that there was a theory that the dates of Oswald’s diary were speculative and that it was possible that it was written in its entirety over one night.  It wasn’t until I was bankrupt, hospitalized and drugged; until I wound up in the State of Florida, the State of the center of Scientology action, that I thought to myself….hmmmm…. Hubbard was a man of letters….  and then I began to google…hubbard, federal government, Kennedy, Oswald…then copying the Oswald letters I needed more… the Hubbard handwriting was nearly impossible to find….but it all came together over time in a little room in Delray Beach Florida as I pasted the characters of Oswald’s letters into columns and started to compare them to Hubbards.  The first transmission to a forensics expert called the comparison “compelling” and that was exactly what I thought.  It was an incredible experience… to unlock a mystery the world had never understood.  When I was in the fourth grade I used to bring a briefcase to school and I told people I wanted to be a private detective and solve the greatest crime of the century. It was thirty years later…that I did.

Original Elliott Comparison of Oswald handwriting and L. Ron Hubbard

Original Elliott Comparison of Oswald handwriting and L. Ron Hubbard



The original documents were not even presented for expert analysis in review.

“I would like to note, however, that the quality of the original photoreproductions of the Hunt note was poor. Under the best of circumstances, reproductions lack clarity and detail. Here, as can be seen from the copies, the original photoreproduction was out of focus, giving the document a fuzzy appearance. Accurate analysis was difficult. The note is highly suspicious. The original would have to be checked in order to make a more definite analysis and reach a definitive conclusion.” (Summary of Conclusions, THE EXAMINATION OF THE HANDWRITING AND FINGERPRINT EVIDENCE, Report to the Select Committee on Assassinations, U.S. House of Representatives, Ninety-fifth Congress ,Second Session , March 1979.


___________THE DEATH OF JFK______

“Certain elements of law enforcement, the judiciary and big business have combined to permit these underworld businessmen to continue to operate.“

The Enemy Within, by Robert F. Kennedy, Popular Library N.Y., 1960

Since the moment of the tragic events of November 23, 1963 people all over the world have speculated and theorized as to the nature and possibility that a conspiracy existed to kill a president of the United States of America and at the same time wipe out any knowledge of the conspiracy within the constructs of government, intelligence services, U.S. Armed Forces and the media as well.

The information shared within these pages is new to the world.  During the two term administration of George Bush, Jr. a large portion of these documents were presented to the Southern Florida District Court, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and finally the U.S. Supreme Court as evidence in the case of “Jonathan Elliott d.b.a. ‘Evolve Talent Agency’ vs. The Church of Scientology, International et. al.”  The most salient and pertinent details involving the allegations against the Church of Scientology (as far as the Kennedy Assassinations are concerned), were struck from the public record and removed forever from the historic perspective of the courts reasoning.

The Case against the Church of Scientology International began as a Sherman Act issue and progressed into issues involving the preservation of American civil rights and the democratic process of political action in our country.  The Sherman Act is the portion of American jurisprudence dedicated to protecting our society from monopoly and conspiracy to restrain trade.

The initial charges against the Church of Scientology International involved violations of the Sherman act; the suit contended that scientology had become so determined to pursue credibility through the media of entertainment that over the last half century they had taken control over the entire process of hiring and scheduling in the commercial/television/film and advertising domains.

In the course of my legal challenge against Scientology, it was necessary to research the long history of legal battles they have fought.  In fact, Scientology has been sued all over the world by individuals and businesses struggling for their survival against a complex corporate entity with a nearly endless supply of political and legal clout protecting its people from the consequences of its own turmoil.

The strangest part of this history is that it did not come about by following the newsreports, tainted by what Hubbard called “spin.” It did not come about from the millions of pages written by researchers who dedicated most of their lives to unraveling the subtleties and consistent inconsistencies that penetrated the facts regarding these assassinations.  No, in contrast to how much of the subject matter on these cases has been collected; the men and women who culled through the Warren Commission, the discovery of the true nature and identity of the assassin responsible for the deaths of JFK/RFK/MLK was revealed by following the trail of the assassin – and it was found in the cases forged through the judiciary one at a time until the conflict was pinpointed to an exact place and time – the original raid on his headquarters.

Robert F. Kennedy was most correct.  Many elements did combine; but it was more than the simple stations of law enforcement, the judiciary and organized crime; it was a new formed religious order that had penetrated into the full range of intelligence services operating throughout the United States and abroad.  They recruited them, assembled them, put them together.  They were not assassinations, they were the act of a magician, they were disappearing acts.

I am not writing this as an assault on religion.  It is not meant to be that.  Although t is a vicious, sadistic cult that cannot be considered a religion, there is no reason to believe it cannot change, that someday new leadership will challenge the ideology of it’s founder and bring them to a new level of understanding; every thousand years or so it happens; it’s called reformation; and while I believed it could be accomplished in my lifetime, I no longer believe that.  I believe that the Church will probably bankrupt themselves in a quagmire of their own hostility.  Today, as I write, I can say that I have experienced it on many levels (10/2/2014)

Hubbard himself believes he would be the trigger of the final war.

I wrote this as a guidebook for intelligence services, for Presidents, foreign leadership, policeman (bought and paid for by him). It is meant for the moment they arrive, the cowboys in white hats, ready to kill, ready to threaten the

judiciary to get their way, ready to threaten a President to come to terms with their order; I wrote this so intelligence services would be ready to fight for the rights of the individuals who live apart from their order; who cannot find order in their lives; who are denied order by their religion.  I wrote this so they could cometo an understanding that they must act, they must not give in to the religious order’s ultimate weapon – fear.  It is the simple logic set of a killer who understood the viciousness of man and was willing to teach it.

Now, let’s meet him.

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (March 13, 1911 – January 24, 1986), better known as L. Ron Hubbard, founded the Church of Scientology in December 1953.  Hubbard, his wife Mary, along with John Galusha are listed as trustees in the original certificate of incorporation.

John Galusha’s wife Millie worked for Lyndon Johnson as his personal secretary and later went to work for Hubbard as his assistant.  L. Ron Hubbard was a man who understood the nature and flow of political power and made it his personal business to stay on top of that power.  political blackmail, espionage, burglary Inter alia were tools of the trade to extend this power and influence into government.

  1. Ron Hubbard served in the United States Navy from 1941 to 1945 and his service records detail a number of confrontations with commanding officers. He was once reprimanded for filing records in the wrong department. He was reprimanded for shelling a hotel in Mexico that was not in hostile territory.  he was considered temperamental and unfit to command. But Hubbard dreamed of being on the front line of combat and applied for a position at the front.  he was denied because of his physical condition.  Perhaps Scientology was Hubbard’s way of realizing his dream, commanding his own army, leading his troops through battles of his own contrivance.  one thing is for certain, l. ron Hubbard in his works and in his whimsy brought war to the doorstep of America  and America has never been the same since.

Whether Hubbard felt rebuked by Kennedy or simply wanted him out of the way to take power is unclear.  The confrontation began in January 1963.

“‘Such an office as yours receives a flood of letters from fakes, crackpots and would-be wonder workers. This is not such a letter,’ Hubbard wrote to Kennedy. He offered to counsel U.S. astronauts for $25 an hour, saying he could increase their IQs and stamina.

Hubbard did not get the warm welcome he hoped for from Kennedy.  Apparently believing that Hubbard might pose a security threat to the president, a White House aide wrote a January 1963 memo saying, “Final disposition: respectfully referred to the protective research section” of the U.S. Secret Service, said Maura Porter a Kennedy Library staff member.

Kennedy later sent an indirect answer, Hubbard believed, when the Food and Drug Administration raided the Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C., and seized all its ‘E-Meters’ – a device like a lie detector used by church counselors.” 1  Some of the original investigative reporting from the FDA division of regulatory management can be found at this link and page two is here.  The original FDA inquiry into Hubbard’s character and Naval record details was published here at this link.  In 1953 Abraham Zapruder moved to Dallas and joined with Jeanne LeGon to form the clothing design firm called, Nardis.  NARDIS is also an acronym for Navy Automated Research & Development Information System.


On November 5, 1963 after the FDA raid Hubbard wrote a brief called “Visit To Heaven”.  His last statement in this is:

“That man is GONE (I hope!)”

“Scientologists protested that seizing their meters and books was a form of ‘religious persecution,’ and they referred to the incident afterwards as the ‘book burning.’  They even wrote letters at the time to President Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy asking them to protect the Scientologists’ religion, ‘even though you are of a different faith.” {Saturday Evening Post, ‘Have you ever been a Boo-Hoo?” by James Phelan, March 21, 1964}

Hubbard also expressed a desire to meet personally with President Kennedy for a conference to ‘come to some amicable answer on religious matters.’ No conference ever transpired.”2

1 The Boston Herald/March 1, 1998, Joseph Mallia.

2 The Scandal of Scientology, by Paulette Cooper

Reporter Joe Mallia was investigated and sued by the Church of Scientology. Paulette Cooper was framed by Scientology and harassed for years.

This is the original scanned document found at the JFK library.

This is the original scanned document found at the JFK library.



This is a picture of Oswald handing out propaganda for the “Fair Play for Cuba” Committee.


This is a picture of Scientologists handing propaganda on the streets, using the same methodology Oswald was asked to implement, fifty years earlier.

The use of pamphlets and propaganda of this nature, particularly information that oftentimes has nothing to do with Scientology, is a typical strategy utilized by the Church. To this day, low level employees just entering the Church are given this task of disseminating information on street corners all over the world.  This technique has come under fierce legal scrutiny in the German courts.

Here is an example of a leaflet prepared days before JFK arrived in Dallas:


Here is a review of the events in Dallas the day of the incident.

Photo of

Photo of “Cleaning Van” at the crossroads of the parade route. Photo by Richard Altgens.

lrh“One has to clean them”  L. Ron Hubbard, OT writings.

The existence of the “Cleaning” van on the JFK parade route is another of the horrifying details specific to the tragedy and part of the Hubbard mystique.  Members of scientology have commented many times about Hubbard’s fetish for cleaning.  in fact, some members of scientology have reported in court declarations that Hubbard often had his shirts cleaned up to a dozen times before wearing them and he would check his laundry racks for mistakes, finding one, toss everything in his closet on to the floor, screaming at his members with obscenities.  Some of his members have testified that they were required to do between 12-18 hours of cleaning per day and that Hubbard was absolutely obsessed with the discipline of cleaning.

In Hubbard’s 1956 Lecture on the “Deterioration of Liberty”

the author of science fiction and science explains to his audience:

“When a man is afraid, he doesn’t perceive. So it almost  always happens that that of which one is afraid, doesn’t exist. Definition: fear is a state of imperception.  Fear is an unwillingness to confront.  If one cannot confront he cannot become aware of. So if one is unwilling to confront, then he doesn’t know what he is confronting and he doesn’t see what is in front of him and he can dream up this mirage called the viciousness of man.  He can dream up this big production about the government must be all powerful so as to keep these people in their place.  He even goes as far as to make implacements and wide streets so that populaces petitioning the government with some velocity can be whipped a bit by grape.  Do you see that? Those are symptoms of terror.  It is true that a mob can be talked to by a man who is afraid and can be talked into believing that there is something awfully bad over there, that they have no addingness of, and can be momentarily turned in that direction and be made to run amuck.”


The Secret Service go to work wiping the limousine clean at the Parkland Memorial Hospital. Notice the bucket on the ground.

The Secret Service go to work wiping the limousine clean at the Parkland Memorial Hospital. Notice the bucket on the ground.

The FDA raid against scientology was the beginning of a high intensity legal battle that lasted until 1969.  See The FOUNDING CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF WASHINGTON, D.C., et al., Appellants,v. UNITED STATES of America, Appellee. No. 21483. United States, court of Appeals District of Columbia Circuit. Argued Nov. 5, 1968. Decided Feb. 5, 1969.

   David William Ferrie (March 28 ,1918 -February 22 ,1967 ) “was a pilot who was alleged by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison to have been involved in the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy .

Transcripts of Ferrie’s FBI interview have been buried in the National Archives. They were not turned over to the Warren Commission. Author John H. Davis, a Board of Advisors of the Assassination Archives and Research Center in Washington, D.C., has reported that a 30 page FBI report on Ferrie is missing from the National Archives.”3

3 The Mystery of David Ferrie, by John S. Craig.

Part of Ferrie’s suicide note:

“When I was a boy my father preached that in the “American way of life” you are innocent till proven guilty. No greater lie has been told. The man charged before the court has flat got to prove his innocence. Go witness a criminal trial and watch. The state is supposed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If you read decisions of the various courts of appeal and the Supreme Court you discover that truth and falsehood, right and wrong have no place in court. All the state needs is “evidence to support a conviction”. If this is justice, then justice be damned. ”

The Scientology Appeal was two months later.  Another connection exists between Ferrie and Hubbard in that both were considered to  be active in the art of hypnotism. See Page 61 of Warren Commission document 87 HERE.

One must remember that this was far more than a legal battle, this was a government action directed specifically against Hubbard’s business and research. A government victory in Court at the time would have meant a loss of millions and millions of dollars the scientology movement was now bringing in for seminars and books.  Hubbard had everything to lose from a Court ruling and it was not until both JFK and RFK were dead that the Supreme Court was able to evince themselves that insufficient evidence was available to indict Scientology for their crimes.

Esteemed conspiracy researcher Peter Dale Scott goes further. Calling David Ferrie’s denials of involvement in the assassination “quite plausible,” Scott writes, “More suspicious than Ferrie, in my view, is . . . Jack Martin, [who] made much of Ferrie’s alleged membership in a phony church. However . . . Ferrie had testified that he ‘became involved with these religious orders only to assist Martin in [an] investigation into the sale of phony certificates of ordination and consecration.’ The Select Committee, after investigating Ferrie extensively, agreed that ‘Martin . . . and Ferrie had performed some investigative work on a case involving an illegitimate religious order in Louisville, Ky.’

Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (California: University of California Press, 1993), p. 247, citing House Select Committee Hearings,Vol. X, p. 130, cf. 110; House Select Committee Final Report, citing House Select Committee Hearings, Vol. X, p. 110; cf. Warren Commission Document 75, p. 293.

While it is interesting to note statements Garrison made to Life editor Richard Billings in December 1966 — that Martin was “an undependable drunk,” “a totally unreliable witness”(3) and “a liar.”

Jim Garrison’s onetime chief investigator, Pershing Gervais, describes Martin as “absolutely crazy.” According to Gervais, Martin “had a way of breathing up stories and being very positive about things. He would concoct things about someone and then he would talk to that someone” and construct a story “that would kind of jibe” with whatever new information he received. When asked about Martin’s reliability, Gervais laughs and said, “He couldn’t be reliable if he intended to be.” (Patricia Lambert, False Witness (New York: M. Evans and Co., 1998), p. 30 fn. also  Lambert, p. 296 fn. 24, citing her personal interview with Pershing Gervais, September 3, 1993).

It is interesting to see the process and completeness with which Jack Martin is discredited.  He is accused of drinking too, being psychologically unstable.

Hubbard himself is like a classic Jeckyll and Hyde.  In one moment he is espousing world peace and unity, harmony, understanding, love… in the next moment he is speculating on whether his work will bring about the nuclear annihilation of the planet and an end to the human race on earth.

“The story of Sirhan Sirhan begins in a central Pasadena neighborhood in 1957. That was when his mother, a schoolteacher, moved to America with her six kids and husband, who had been a municipal employee back in his native Palestine. Despite being Eastern Orthodox, their move had been sponsored by a Nazarene church, and his dad only lasted six months in his new homeland before he had to return to Palestine to care for his sick mother.

Munir recalls that Sirhan, who was five years older, attempted to be a typical American teenager by studying hard at John Muir High School and maintaining a paper route before attending Pasadena City College.” http://www.pasadenaweekly.com/cms/story/detail/?id=4046&IssueNum=46

Another coincidence is that Sirhan Sirhan joined the Pasadena branch of the Rosicrucian Order, the  Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC).  This is an occult organization that studies metaphysical laws. Likewise,  L. Ron Hubbard participated in the Pasadena occult scene with the  Californian branch of the Thelemite Ordo Templi Orientis

The residents of South Orange Grove Avenue did not welcome the arrival of young Jack Parsons, for the elegant three-storey family mansion, shaded by huge palms and flowering magnolias and set in its own grounds, was rapidly transformed, under his ownership, into a rooming-house of dubious repute – the only way he could afford to keep the house was by renting rooms. This might not have caused too much upset in the neighbourhood, except that when he advertized for tenants in the local newspaper, he specified that only atheists and those of a Bohemian disposition need apply. Thus were the myriad rooms at 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue occupied by an exotic, argumentative and peripatetic assortment of itinerants and ne’er-do-wells – out-of-work actors and writers, anarchists and artists, musicians and dancers, all kinds of questionable characters and their equally questionable friends of both sexes. Noisy parties continued for days on end, guests slept on the floor when they could not find a bed and sometimes they simply forgot to leave.

Understandably the neighbours were outraged, although they would undoubtedly have been even more alarmed had they known that the house was also destined to become the headquarters of a black magic group which practised deviant sexual rites. Parsons converted two large rooms into a private apartment for himself and a temple for the OTO lodge. In his bedroom, the biggest room in the house, there was an altar flanked by pyramidal pillars and hung with occult symbols. The other room was a wood-panelled library lined with books devoted to the occult and dominated by a huge signed portrait of Crowley hanging over the fireplace.

No one was allowed into these two rooms unless specifically invited by Parsons; when members of the OTO turned up for a meeting, the doors remained firmly closed. Other residents sometimes glimpsed Parsons or one of his followers moving about the house in black robes, but no one really knew what went on in the ‘temple’[5] On one occasion, two smirking policemen arrived at the front door to investigate a complaint that the house was being used for black magic orgies. They had been told, they said, something about a ceremony requiring a naked pregnant woman to leap nine times through a sacred fire, but they made it so obvious that they considered the whole thing to be a joke that Parsons had no difficulty convincing them he was a bona fide and respectable scientist, and persuaded them to leave without conducting a search.” Bare Faced Messiha, Russell Miller


‘Hubbard broke up black magic in America . . . because he was well known as a writer and philosopher and had friends among the physicists, he was sent in to handle the situation [of black magic being practised in a house in Pasadena occupied by nuclear physicists]. He went to live at the house and investigated the black magic rites and the general situation and found them very bad . . . Hubbard’s mission was successful far beyond anyone’s expectations. The house was torn down. Hubbard rescued a girl they were using. The black magic group was dispersed and never recovered. (Statement by the Church of Scientology, December 1969)

page 3 of Sirhan’s diary has an excerpt:


this is a reference to the Roscrucian Order that Hubbard writes about extensively. Elbert Hubbard, a Rosicrucian and the author of A Message to Garcia  was L. Ron Hubbard’s uncle.  It is not a far stretch to invite the theory LRH was involved in AMORC as well.

In the next section I will review a portion of Hubbard’s naval record and show how he was haunted by the military’s approbation’s and how these details emerge in the psychological framework of his forgeries.

fact:  5000 photos were reported to have been seized by the  LAPD in the RFK shooting

“The archives also released records showing that two police officers, acting on the orders of Lt. Roy Keene, an administrative specialist on the Special Unit Senator task force, burned the 2,410 photos in the incinerator at “County General Hospital” on Aug. 21, 1968. The report said the destroyed photographs were “without code numbers,” while the remaining LAPD photos in the special unit files were coded.”” RFK Photos Destroyed Were Duplicates, LAPD Says, April 23, 1988|JOHN KENDALL | Times Staff Writer.   Most researcher have written that all of the photos were in fact destroyed.  If Kendall’s article is correct, a reassessment of these coded works would be fantastic.

also see:   http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKenyartS.htm

“Jamie Scott Enyart was born in 1953. On 6th June, 1968, Enyart, a 15 year old high school student, a high-school student, was taking photographs of Robert F. Kennedy as he was walking from the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel to the Colonial Room where the press conference was due to take place. Enyart was standing slightly behind Kennedy when the shooting began and snapped as fast as he could.

As Enyart was leaving the pantry, two LAPD officers accosted him at gunpoint and seized his three, 36-exposure rolls of film. Later, he was told by Detective Dudley Varney that the photographs were needed as evidence in the trial of Sirhan Sirhan. The photographs were not presented as evidence but the court ordered that all evidential materials had to be sealed for twenty years.

In 1988 Scott Enyart requested that his photographs should be returned. At first the State Archives claimed they could not find them and that they must have been destroyed by mistake. Enyart filed a lawsuit which finally came to trial in 1996. During the trial the Los Angeles city attorney announced that the photos had been found in its Sacramento office and would be brought to the courthouse by the courier retained by the State Archives. The following day it was announced that the courier’s briefcase, that contained the photographs, had been stolen from the car he rented at the airport. The photographs have never been recovered and the jury subsequently awarded Scott Enyart $450,000 in damages”

fact:  Rafer Johnson tackled Sirhan Sirhan and was so distrusting of the officers surrounding the scene that he kept the gun and delivered personally to the police station.  Experts assert that the gun was a starter pistol.  This is inline with military style execution where soldiers are given blanks to shoot and only one man has the real gun so no one will know who is responsible for killing.

“Initially identified by LAPD Homicide Sgt Michael McGann as an Iver Johnson 56-SA, which is a Starter’s Pistol, when it was turned over by Rafer Johnson.   Pages 568-569, “The Assassinations” By James DiEugenio & Lisa Pease.”

Many assassination theorists have speculated that the real assassin in the RFK incident was Eugene Thane Cesar, a private security guard who stood behind the young Senator at the time of the shooting. In fact, Cesar owned a similar .22 caliber revolver.  Cesar said he sold his gun 3 months before RFK’s murder but in actuality he sold it 3 months after the murder.

The receipt that has been uncovered is probably also a Hubbard forgery.
Please review my comparison between the alleged diary handwriting of Sirhan and the handwriting from

L. Ron Hubbard’s notes.

sirhan1  sirhan2


Assassination researcher Ted Charach theorizes:


(a 2006 interview with Charach is available on youtube)(he was present at the Ambassador)

Charach’s theory is consistent with descriptions by witnesses and the Report of the Medicolegal  Investigation of Senator Robert F. Kennedy by  Dr. Thomas Noguchi states:


In her work Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part I: The Grand Illusion, writer Lisa Pease brings forward these facts:

“The LAPD had a list of the “five best” witnesses who were in a position to see both Sirhan and Kennedy. These were (in alphabetical order): Frank Burns, Martin Patrusky, Jesus Perez, Juan Romero, and Karl Uecker. Others close by who had an opinion on the distance included Richard Aubrey, Vincent DiPierro, Pete Hamill, Richard Lubic, Edward Minasian, Valerie Schulte, Lisa Urso, and Boris Yaro.

Phil Melanson questioned Frank Burns about his recollection as to distance in 1987. Burns told him that there were “several feet” between Sirhan and Kennedy. Burns did a mock recreation of the scene in his office, and positioned the gun about three to four feet from Kennedy’s head. Martin Patrusky, in the signed statement he gave to Bugliosi, specified the distance between the gun muzzle and Kennedy at “approximately 3 feet.” I have been unable to find a record of Perez’s opinion on the distance.

Juan Romero reported the gun being “approximately one yard from the senator’s head.” Romero, incidentally, did not identify Sirhan as the gunman at the trial. Asked if anyone in the courtroom resembled the killer, he said no. Asked specifically if the defendant, pointed out to him, was the assassin, he replied, “No, sir. I don’t believe that’s him.” Uecker, considered by the prosecution to be their “star witness”, was not asked to speak on the question of the distance at the trial. Uecker, however, gave a written statement later to Congressman Allard Lowenstein in 1975. At that point, Lowenstein was seriously considering calling for a reinvestigation of the case. In his statement, Uecker said:

[T]here was a distance of at least one and one-half feet between the muzzle of Sirhan’s gun and Senator Kennedy’s head. The revolver was directly in front of my nose. After Sirhan’s second shot, I pushed his hand that held the revolver down, and pushed him onto the steam table. There is no way that the shots described in the autopsy could have come from Sirhan’s gun. When I told this to the authorities, they told me that I was wrong. But I repeat now what I told them then: Sirhan never got close enough for a point-blank shot.

Richard Aubrey heard the shots and saw a blue flame from the gun. He told the LAPD that Sirhan was six or seven feet ahead of Senator Kennedy.Vincent DiPierro told the Grand Jury that Sirhan was four to six feet from Kennedy. Hamill put the gun at a distance of at least two feet from Kennedy; Minasian put the gun barrel about three feet away; Schulte put it six feet away, and Urso said the distance was “three to six feet”.


This US Naval record from June 1943 states Hubbard “acts without forethought as to probable results.” L. Ron Hubbard, whose father had been in the Navy, must have fumed over the assessment.  In fact it haunted him so much that we find the strange appearance of it in the alleged diaries of Sirhan.  At trial, Sirhan had no memory of writing them before the assassination on September 25, 1965 Sirhan fell from a horse and was hospitalized for the head injury.  This would have made him particularly susceptible to hypnotism.  Hubbard, of course, was considered an excellent hypnotist by his peers.

Sirhan allegedly writes:  “results, results, results, results….”

A portion of the Sirhan diary.

A portion of the Sirhan diary.

Jerry Lambert  (born December 27, 1940) is a retired American jockey.

Also, there was a Jerry Lambert who was a major advertiser and owner of  Lambert Pharmical Co, maker of Listerine.


Trial of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, Vol 17: pp 4965, 3 Mar 1969 – 4 Mar 1969
Trial of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, Vol 17: p.4952, 3 Mar 1969 – 4 Mar 1969


Another fact of both the RFK and JFK assassinations is that after both men were killed, someone on the  police force on the scene at the time “squelched” the radio.  In police terms, a squelch is when someone holds down the transmit button on the radio and nobody else can put a signal through to dispatch because the officer is transmitting silence.  In both assassinations, this squelch lasted a matter of minutes.  It is also true in Pavlov’s  theories, that when dogs were trained to hear the sound of a whistle each time they were delivered food, they started to salivate, even when no food was brought, only the sound of the whistle.  Pavlov writes that in order for the experiment of controlling the dogs to be effective, they need a few moments of silence after the action so that they don’t lose their tempers.  This was called “classical conditioning.”  The Bavarian Ministry Report, “What is Scientology” reports the following:

    “Behind the cloak of a new religion, this organization described as a psycho-group and not as a religious community by the Investigative Commission was able to skillfully hide its salient structural traits until recently, namely organization and logistics of a commercial corporation; expansionist strategies of an aggressively functioning structural distribution system (marketing of franchises by forming chains of subsidiary companies, hard-selling of human leadership and change in the form of social engineering. In other words, ruthless of psychological and social techniques borrowed from behavioral psychology in order to recruit workers, customers and members; use of totalitarian organization techniques to thoroughly discipline and instrumentalize its workers by constant control in terms of time and space.”
          for more information regarding the JFK radio dispatches see:
          ““In the wake of the assassination, all hell broke loose on the two radio channels used by the Dallas Police Department. Although complicated by a technical glitch that took out Channel 1, the Dallas cops swung into action to clear the president’s path to Parkland hospital, to find the killer or killers, to run down a variety of false leads and nuisances, and finally to capture the killer of one of their own.”
          for more information regarding the RFK radio dispatch see:

“Commander Carroll Kirby – Shortly after receiving the commendation from Brath, Commander Kirby reported reading a survey response I had written. I was immediately transferred into the Inspection and Control Section of the Office of the Chief of Police. Among other members of Kirby’s staff was a Senior Administrative  Assistant who had worked in SUS. On the night of June 5th, 1968 Kirby had been the Captain Commanding LAPD’s Communications Division. He had shown up at the Ambassador Hotel, unexpectedly  a few minutes after Bobby was shot and just as a nine-minute unexplained radio blackout had prevented officers from broadcasting descriptions of the girl in the polka dot dress and others who had been involved in Kennedy’s murder. In 1993 I got to listen to those tapes and I saw how evidence had been destroyed, time lines altered and a conspiracy concealed.”4

4 http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/pandora/rfk.html

    SHAMELESS PROMOTION       (the etymology of an idiom)
     In fact, Hubbard acts with such bravado, he actually advertises his efforts within the context of the assassinations themselves. We know for a fact that Hubbard sold books in his religion and offered self-improvement courses for his adherents.  The diary, allegedly written by Sirhan Sirhan, states:



It is my allegation that Hubbard introduces this information as hypnotic writing to broadcast his efforts with subliminal messages to the public.  Then Sirhan Sirhan allegedly writes:


Hubbard is the one who considers himself an “author.”  This is entirely out of context for Sirhan.

In fact, the entire comment regarding how the “multitudes of people are in harmony with his thoughts

and feelings”  is entirely characteristic of the delusions of grandeur suffered by Hubbard.

Then there is the similarity between Sirhan Sirhan and Hubbard in terms of the

movement from block to cursive writing within their texts.

This is a look at the variation in Sirhan’s diary.


This is a look at the changes in Hubbard’s work.


Hubbard’s vocabulary, lexicon, or choice of diction is of interest here.  Note the use of the word “incident”

It is strange to me because it is complex term for a foreign born citizen of the US to be using.  See:


In this caption, Sirhan is a “writer” (also more in line with Hubbard’s persona then Sirhan’s)  and also note the use of the word “abysmal” (also a fairly complex linquistic for a foreign born Sirhan).

Sirhan Sirhan was given $1750.00 by the Argonaut Insurance Company.  The legendary Greek epic of the Argonaut involves the dethroning of a king (Pelias) and the preparation of a ship that sailed to Greece during the course of these events. During the death of RFK, Hubbard bought the ship The Royal Scotsman and sailed to Greece.

The $1750.00 payment to Sirhan by the Insurance Company is for a bump on the head Sirhan allegedly sustained while working as a ranch hand in Corona, California.  The ranch is less than thirty minutes from Gilman Springs, where Hubbard set up his Golden Era movie production Studios.

Since the late 1950’s Hubbard was experimenting with mind control. An early letter to the FBI by a concerned citizen reports that a woman is flabbergasted by her husband’s materials detailing Soviet Mind Control Techniques and she expresses concern to the FBI about Hubbard’s potential use of this process.  She is so concerned about what she finds in her husbands things, she turns both her husband and Hubbard in for investigation.  Specifically, Hubbard was using hypnosis as a means of manipulating the human will.  It is most likely that Sirhan was a victim of these experiments and was controlled by Hubbard in the course of these events.  That is why Sirhan has no memory of ever shooting RFK and cannot recall the bulk of his own actions at the time.

“Sirhan Sirhan testified that he had no memory of the shooting. The last thing he remembered was sitting at the bar and being asked by a pretty girl: “Pour me a cup of coffee with plenty of milk and sugar!” And than he saw this shiny coffee urn. The next thing he remembered was being hit by someone and forced against the steam table in the pantry. Therefore, he maintains that he has absolutely no memory of any occurrence directly connected to the shooting. Some people have put forward the theory that this is due to his hypnotized state; this caused whole sections of his memory to be deleted and other memories to be put in, in which nothing occurred, more or less. Proof that Sirhan Sirhan was not self-hypnotized comes from the actual process of forgetting . The experts I have asked all state that in self-hypnosis, one always remembers at least the actual act of hypnotizing oneself. Only when one is hypnotized by another person to carry out a specific action does the phenomena of memory gaps occur.”4

4 An Interview with Larry Teeter, by Paul Nellen, Hamburg, Germany, 1994

Los Angeles (CNN) — A woman who witnessed the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy says she has agreed to testify for Sirhan Sirhan’s new defense team.

Nina Rhodes-Hughes insists Sirhan was not the only gunman firing shots when Sen. Kennedy was murdered only a few feet away from her at a Los Angeles hotel. She says there were two guns firing from separate positions and that authorities altered her account of the crime.

“What has to come out is that there was another shooter to my right,” Rhodes-Hughes has told CNN. “The truth has got to be told. No more cover-ups.” RFK assassination witness willing to testify for Sirhan Sirhan’s lawyers By Brad Johnson and Michael Martinez, CNN updated 11:30 AM EDT, Mon July 9, 2012

Trial of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, Vol 19:pp 5329-5604, 6 Mar 1969 – 10 Mar 1969


Thousands of pictures taken in the kitchen at the moment of the shooting were collected by the Los Angeles Police Department and burned during the course of investigation.   It is entirely unknown at this time who ordered the incineration of so much evidence or what could have possibly motivated that act.

At the time Sirhan was arrested, Among Sirhan’s possessions, a large brown envelope from the Internal Revenue Service on which someone had written, “RFK must be disposed of like his brother was.”

In 1967 respondent (IRS) sent petitioner (HUBBARD) a letter revoking its exemption following audit of petitioner’s  records which was in part sparked by litigation involving the tax-exempt status  of an affiliated Church of Scientology.

Hubbard’s obvious upset over the IRS investigation and the Sirhan envelope forgery on IRS materials further substantiate the credibility of the claim that Hubbard acted knowingly against the Kennedy’s.  Then of course, is another compelling handwriting comparison.





Campaign worker Sandra Serrano, out at a staircase behind the hotel, later heard some “backfires,” and then watched as a woman in a polka dot dress and a male companion burst out of the hotel shouting “we shot him, we shot him” Serrano asked who, and the woman replied “Senator Kennedy.”


This incredible account was corroborated by LAPD Officer Paul Sharaga, who arrived quickly at the back lot of the hotel and set up a command post there. He was told a nearly identical story by an elderly couple named the Bernsteins, who told him that a man and a woman in a polka dot dress ran past them, gleefully shouting “We shot him! We shot him!” When queried, the girl replied, “Kennedy, we shot him! We killed him!”





“In Scientology, it’s a crime to not wear your hat. Not only that, but it’s a crime to prevent people from wearing their hats, and even a crime to prevent people from wearing their hats better…

It’s well known that people get royally done in Scientology. But it’s not so well known that it’s a crime for Scientologists to take people’s hats away from them when they’re doing them. It’s a crime to pretend to wear a hat while preventing its action from occurring. Heck, it’s a crime in Scientology to wear no hat at all.

A hat in Scientology is a big responsibility, in fact, a duty.  David Miscavige, the current Scientology leader,  takes his hat as seriously as he takes himself. He orders all Scientologist to wear their hats, even though by doing so he turns them all into criminals, because it’s a crime in Scientology to have to be ordered to wear one’s hat.” (Armstrong vs. Scientology).


“Handling” the mix up in the purported Oswald weapon.

“Handling” is a very interesting subject in Scientology. In fact, in Hubbard’s technical bulletins, Vol 4., 1960-1961, reference to the term “handle” occurs 190 times in the document.

Then, in an argument among the “hats”, a state of disbelief emerges in the Dallas Police Department.


“The mechanism is this:
All problems are preceded by a Prior Confusion”  L. Ron Hubbard, HCO BULLETIN OF 2 NOVEMBER 1961




A very interesting shot not included in the original exhibits. These are the books surrounding the alleged shooting area. They are books from the Scott Foresman Publishing Company. Scott Foresman is the publisher for Applied Scholastics Books, the Scientology based educational concern. Lee Harvey Oswald was the clerk responsible for the Scott Foresman inventory.

From the Warren Commission Testimony of Bonnie Ray Williams:

Mr. BALL. Did you see Oswald on the sixth floor that morning?

Mr. WILLIAMS. I am not sure. I think I saw him once messing around with some cartons or something, back over the east side of the building. But he wasn’t in the window that they said he shot the President from. He was more on the east side of the elevator, I think, messing around with cartons, because he always just messed around, kicking cartons around.

Mr. BALL. What was his job?

Mr. WILLIAMS. His job was an order filler.

Mr. BALL. What do you mean by that?

Mr. WILLIAMS. I mean by that an order filler–when orders come in for the State schools mostly, from Austin, he would take the orders and fill the orders. If the orders called for a certain amount of books, he would fill that order, and turn it in to be checked, to be shipped out.

Mr. BALL. You say he would fill the order. He would go and get books?

Mr. WILLIAMS. He would get books. As an order filler you had access to all the floors, all seven floors.

Mr. BALL. And were the cartons that you are talking about containers of books?

Mr. WILLIAMS. Yes, they were.

Mr. BALL. Would a checker–would an order filler go to the different floors and take books out of canons?

Mr. WILLIAMS. Yes, sir. The order filler would have to, in order to fill the order–he would have to move around to each floor, and take the books that he needs.

Mr. BALL. Then where would he take the books?

Mr. WILLIAMS. Down to the first floor.

Mr. BALL. And what was on the first floor?

Mr. WILLIAMS. The first floor is where the checkers, the freight, and all–they are checking the books to go out, and also where they wrap the books.

Mr. BALL. And were there certain men down there wrapping books?

Mr. WILLIAMS. Certain men wrapping, checking, weighing, et cetera.

Mr. DULLES. Did you have a schedule somewhere posted up so that you knew which books were on which floor when an order came in? You would know whether to go to the sixth floor or what floor to go to get the particular books that were wanted?

Mr. WILLIAMS. Well, as I remember, I don’t know too much about the building.

Mr. DULLES. You were not in the order filling business?

Mr. WILLIAMS. No, sir; not in that department. At the other building. I was just transferred to that building. I don’t think you really had any schedule to go by, or anything to show you where the books were. You just asked the older fellows that had been there were certain books–if you are looking for a certain book, they would tell you where to find it.





“When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail, empower all your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go live in Bulgravia  and bribe the police.”

– L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 12 February 1967, “The Responsibilities of Leaders”


source:  http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKsarti.htm



The testimony of Billy Nolan Lovelady was taken at 3:50 p.m., on April 7, 1964, in the office of the U.S. attorney, 301 Post Office Building, Bryan and Ervay Streets, Dallas, Tex., by Messrs. Joseph A. Ball and Samuel A. Stern, assistant counsel of the President’s Commission.

Mr. BALL – Were you there when the President’s motorcade went by
Mr. LOVELADY – Right.
Mr. BALL – Did you hear anything?
Mr. LOVELADY – Yes, sir; sure did.
Mr. BALL – What did you hear?
Mr. LOVELADY – I thought it was firecrackers or somebody celebrating the arrival of the President. It didn’t occur to me at first what had happened until this Gloria came running up to us and told us the President had been shot.
Mr. BALL – Who was this girl?
Mr. LOVELADY – Gloria Calvary.
Mr. BALL – Gloria Calvary?
Mr. BALL – Where does she work?
Mr. LOVELADY – Southwestern Publishing Co.
Mr. BALL – Where was the direction of the sound?
Mr. LOVELADY – Right there around that concrete little deal on that knoll.
Mr. BALL – That’s where it sounded to you?

“The word standard. Standard. It’s a distinctive flag. It’s a banner with royal arms. It’s a flag of cavalry regiment. It’s a rallying principle. One of the meanings of standard is carrying a banner forward. Now. It’s a weight or measure to which others conform or by which the accuracy of others is judged. It’s a legal proportion of weight, as in fine metal and alloy in gold and silver coin. It’s a degree of excellence, which is the meaning which we have, required for a particular purpose. It’s a thing recognized as model for imitation. Recognized as possessing the merit of authority.”  L. Ron Hubbard, 6809C27 Class VIII TAPE 4, STANDARD TECH DEFINED

Abraham Zapruder, the infamous cameraman who took the only credible moving pictures of the JFK assassination was himself a part owner in a clothing company called NARDIS.  NARDIS also stands for “naval advanced research data information service.”  It is reported that Hubbard was denied admission to the Office of Naval Intelligence.  Hubbard himself claims to be an officer in its service.

Hubbard, in the course of recruiting scientologists for his newfound religion, probably began with the first people he was closest in contact with – these were the men he served with in the navy.  as a result of his decision to create an army of adherents answerable to himself alone and in the process of recruiting those adherents from the government’s own services, the chain of command became crossed and the entire structure of ordering was challenged through the development of the new “religion” of scientology.

Indeed this is a phenomenon unique in American history.  Hubbard’s scheme envisioned scientology as the sole source of truth and justice in America.  In Hubbard’s new world, the non-scientologist was entitled no rights whatsoever and the only people who could participate in society were those who believed in him.  This extended as far as control over the entire budgetary agenda of government.

Hubbard writes on 2 Dec 1969:

‘Intelligence Actions – Covert Intelligence Data Collections’

“Our total victory will come when we run his organizations, perform his functions and obtain his financing and appropriations.”

The most disturbing aspect of his personality emerges here, in the SIRHAN diaries:


A review of the evidence as it remains authenticated, cataloged and inventories in the Office of the Secretary of the Dallas Municipal Archives reveals, to me, that many of the documents, including police affidavits and such, may have also been forged by Hubbard.  When I reached out to one of the few remaining witnesses, Ruth  Hyde Paine, and asked her to confirm whether the signature on her affidavit was hers or not, I sent her a copy of her affidavit and she replied:


I believe that after sending her a copy of her affidavit, the evidence as it was inventoried online, was

further tampered with and her incorrect signature was corrected.


Hubbard and “Alice in Wonderland”

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Excerpts of CHAPTER III


`What is a Caucus-race?’ said Alice; not that she wanted much to know, but the Dodo had paused as if it thought that somebody ought to speak, and no one else seemed inclined to say anything.

`Why,’ said the Dodo, `the best way to explain it is to do it.’ (And, as you might like to try the thing yourself, some winter day, I will tell you how the Dodo managed it.)

First it marked out a race-course, in a sort of circle, (`the exact shape doesn’t matter,’ it said,) and then all the party were placed along the course, here and there. There was no `One, two, three, and away,’ but they began running when they liked, and left off when they liked, so that it was not easy to know when the race was over. However, when they had been running half an hour or so, and were quite dry again, the Dodo suddenly called out `The race is over!’ and they all crowded round it, panting, and asking, `But who has won?’


“TR 1: Dear Alice

[ Student reads dialogue from Alice in Wonderland at coach until they get the comm across without embarrassment. ]

I thought Bullbait was weird. I had no idea what was in store for me. In this routine, context-free snippets from Alice, printed on a sheet of paper, are read by the student to the coach. Hubbard’s sense of humor shows through on this one. It’s even worse if the coach gets the giggles. The humor is a relief after the stress of TR0 conditioning. However, humor won’t advance you on The Bridge. Some of Lewis Carroll’s stuff is either terribly imaginative or drug-induced, depending on your opinion of him. (Some think the caterpillar is Carroll’s self-portrait, but I digress.)

To pass this exercise without getting a permanent case of the giggles requires you to become virtually humorless. The concept of mental image pictures was introduced in TR0. Here, canned script from a master storyteller conjurs up some fantastic and nonsensical images, which the student must refuse to process or fail the exercise. The result is robotic repetition of nonsense phrases, which some have come to recognize as a hallmark of what passes for conversation in Scientology.

Rather than conditioning you for the real world where nonsense is met with questions for clarification, Ron is conditioning the mark to confront “Scieno-speak.” Ron’s writing style and propensity to make up words because he couldn’t think of the real ones could give a newcomer the giggles if it were not for this exercise. Some of Ron’s prose, especially the Operating Thetan levels, is highly imaginative just like Carroll’s.”

from: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Secrets/TR/critique.html

“The impossible means to openly and freely communicate and to openly and freely practise Scientology as they see fit. Some of the very heavy main sources of Scientology come from Zen Buddhism and Hinduism and the Vedic Hymns and the very deep, strong and very, very real (dangerous and destructive I might add) involvement of Dad in the Magick and the Magick tech come straight out of the Bible and are biblically based. As a small aside here, the book Alice in Wonderland (which of course some of the TRs are based on) and the companion book Alice Through the Looking Glass, were written by a master adept at the Magick. And he was, as they all are, unknown and secret. He was also a secret member of the Order of the Golden Dawn of which Aleister Crowley, the English black magician was involved in. And of course it was purposely used and put there by Dad because of its Magick association. And Dad used it secretly in the Scientology training to gain a higher degree of control over staff, students and preclears for himself personally.”

from: TRANSCRIPT OF TAPE #1 OF JUNE 28, 1984 – RON DEWOLF (L. Ron Hubbard,jr)

“Scientology also has many drills for people with troubles. In one, you sit in a chair, visualize the two upper corners of the room, then “hold” these two corners in your mind and think of nothing else. This is called “Holding Corners.” Its purpose, Hubbard says, is to “make you act younger.” In another drill the Scientologist reads a sentence or two from Alice in Wonderland to the preclear, who repeats it verbatim. The Scientologist then says, “Thank you,” and reads another passage from Alice in Wonderland, and this goes on and on. This drill, called the “Dear Alice,” is supposed to “improve communication.” In at least one instance it resulted in a complete collapse of communication. A police captain in one eastern city, puzzled by reported goings-on at a Scientology office, enrolled an undercover man there. The agent spent several bewildering days listening to Alice in Wonderland, repeating it to the Scientologist, and getting thanked. When he returned to the police station, his superior asked him what went on at this Hubbard place. “I’m not going to tell you,” said the officer, “because you won’t believe me.”  Have You Ever Been A Boo-Hoo? , Saturday Evening Post, March 21, 1964

from: http://www.scientology-lies.com/press/1964-03-21/saturday-evening-post/have-you-ever-been.html

A Boo Hoo, according to one Scientology I spoke with, is an expression for people who get upset that the process is not working for them.  A more modern expression is to “blow.”


There should be some discussion here about the Protestant- Catholic conflict that exists inherently in this confrontation.

Hubbard’s family has origins in Protestantism and the Kennedy’s are of course Roman-Catholic.  The 30 Years war is considered the bloodiest conflict between the two religious groups (1618–48).  Just as Marbury v. Madison, 5 US 137 (1803) was an American demonstration regarding the rivalry of political parties, the origin of the 30 years war involves the rise to power of one group and the coincident political appointments that traditionally follows, one ideology replacing another in the civil administration of government.  The same thing is going on today in the Middle East with the political appointments and resulting blood baths between Sunni and Shi’a sects.  As one group takes power, the other feels under represented and the cycle never ends.

Another important lesson to be learned by the future generation of leadership is fidelity in marriage.  JFK’s long history of affairs with married women did not exactly solidify his place as a leader.  Certainly, he was a great President.

However, his affairs with married women left him susceptible to the power struggle that ensued.  Most notable of this was his affair with Mary Pinchot Meyer, wife of CIA operative Cord Meyer.  In fact, Cord worked with Operation Mockingbird, the CIA effort to infiltrate and control the US media.  So he had wide reach and hurt feelings.  President Kennedy left himself particularly vulnerable to power struggles due to his infidelity in marriage.  Mary was no doubt murdered for what she knew of the conspiracy as was Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge and Karyn Kupcinet.  Kupcinet, a Los Angeles actress, is reported to have warned of JFK’s assassination 20 minutes before it happened.  Journalist Dorothy Mae Kilgallen  is also believed to have been murdered for what she knew.